Family Photography Packages

Family Photography Packages in Chattanooga vary depending on the business model of the photographer you hire how you intend to use your photos.

The “Shoot & Burn” Photographer

This type of photographer charges what’s called a session fee and includes a certain number of digital downloads from the shoot.

Expect these Family Photography Session Fees to be $300-$500.

A shoot and burn photographers session fees are typically higher because this is the only income that they make from a photo session. (Occasionally, these photographers will allow additional purchases of images from your photoshoot for an additional fee.) 

Because shoot and burn photographers make money on only the session fee, they must work with high volumes of clients in order to earn a sustainable living.

These photographers’ family photography packages will typically only include digital images.

The “Full-Service” Photographer

This type of photographer also charges a session fee but is typically noticeably lower than that of the shoot and burn photographer.

Expect these Session Fees to be $200. The Family Photography Packages including prints, wall art and other products to average $1000.

A Full-Service photographer does not rely on volume work which allows them the time to focus on each client’s needs, creating unique stylized sessions with hair & makeup, designer wardrobes, unique destinations, one on one hands-on image selection and most importantly, printed products for your home.

A Full-Service photographer provides end to end service from planning the shoot to delivering final products.

Full-Service photographer’s family photography packages will typically include wall art, gift prints, keepsakes, albums, custom mobile apps, grad cards, digital images, and more.

Here at Jennifer Anderson Photography, we are a Full-Service Photography Studio. Our Chattanooga Family Photography Packages range in pricing and fluctuate based on sales from the labs. The average client spends approximately $1000 on their purchase after their session, however individual items start at $50 and there are no minimum product orders.

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